Fool’s Gold – The Forest is Full of Things that are not Morels

The weather has been constantly and uncommonly warm for late March, and the April showers have decided to put a show in a few weeks before schedule. Tempting fate, after lying in bed through the warm rainy nights and seeing nothing but deep, warming sun in the morning for several days, I made the mistake of venturing into the woods with a daring hope that the first morels of the year might have been spurned on by the good weather to show their fruiting bodies above ground ahead of schedule. After hours of the most intense and concentrated scouring, I present the gifts with which the forest crowned an impatient April Fool:

From left to right: Flint scraping tool of a mesolithic man (Homo heidelbergiensis); upper skull section of a domestic cat (Felis silvestris forma catus); medium-strength reading glasses of a bookish, somewhat careless man (H. erectus)


More about morels (Morchella sp.) when they deign to show themselves.

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