Weekend Wildcamps


As of spring 2015, Grunewald Foraging will be offering outdoor living weekends, or Wildcamps, for small groups at a forest camp in the beautiful lake region of north-west Brandenburg.

Wildcamps will involve:

  • living, eating, exploring and sharing experiences as a small, temporary wild community
  • identifying wild plants, mushrooms and other foraged resources in the wild
  • organizing foraging forays, exploring the region by foot and by boat, and mapping your territory
  • cooking in the Wild Kitchen; leaf parcels, cooking with ashes, building a pit oven, smoking and drying wild delicacies
  • engaging with the diverse wildlife of the area, learning to open up our full senses to the natural world
  • producing a whole range of household essentials from the wild; wooden utensils, soap, cordage, plasters, razor-strops, glue…
  • focussing our energy on the essential elements of life; fire, drinking water, food, peace of mind, cleanliness of body, and rest.

Weekends will cost 100€ per person. Included is a ‘domestic’ pantry of organic and regional produce to be enjoyed throughout the stay.

Essential items for the weekend inlcude:

  • a tent (ideally with rain cover)
  • a sleeping bag
  • warm, neutrally-coloured clothing (wool is recommended)
  • good quality footwear
  • a pocket knife
  • a water container
  • a bowl, fork and spoon

Items that are seen as counter-productive to the weekend:

  • smartphones, iPads, eBooks, MP3 players, and other distracting electronic items
  • energy bars, energy drinks, etc.
  • large quantities of alcohol (more than say a night-cap)
  • any other domestically-produced recreational drugs, legal or illegal (ideally this includes tobacco)
  • unnecessary or excessive camping equipment or supplies
  • ‘homework’, meaning any work/study task that you might otherwise use the weekend to complete

The Wildcamp weekend is a three day event of organized activities and also free-roaming time, radiating out from the centre of our camp-fire. As well as identifying, collecting, and cooking with a whole host of wild edibles, you will also be tending to your own daily needs out in the wild; washing in the lake or at camp, spending time with your community, spending time adjusting to your natural surroundings, perhaps fishing or reading animal tracks, feeding yourself and the members of your tribe. The weekend attempts to complement an intensive skill-learning & knowledge-sharing programme with plentiful time to reflect, relax and regenerate within nature.

Getting to the Site:

The Wildcamp is situated in beautiful north-west Brandenburg in the woods by Witwesee, or Widow Lake. From Spring until Autumn the Regio Bahn or bus runs to Rheinsberg, which is the meeting point for visitors without personal transport options, and together we will take a leisurely 5km hike to the Wildcamp (of course identifying and collecting wild edibles on the way!). Visitors with personal transport should e-mail me for the address, which can be easily found on Google Maps or with a satnav.

For more information please contact grunewaldforaging@gmail.com. I greatly look forward to you joining me on this adventure!


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